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Social Fundraising Helps to Achieve Your Goals

Captivate your fans and followers, and promote your mission via social networks.

We loved being able to integrate social media at our event with the Twitter feeds giving us the ability to share and communicate beyond the ballroom.  It’s a win being able to spread your cause and showcase items with your friends. 

– Frannie Reilly, President, Foundation of Swarthmore and Wallingford Schools, Swarthmore, PA


Expand your reach beyond the ballroom, with BidPal’s social media functionality.

  • Engage guests in your mission by sharing your Facebook and Twitter feeds via your BidPal Giving Center
  • Take your cause global by using our customizable Twitter Scoreboard to live tweet your event
  • Go viral!  Allow your constituents to tweet, pin and share every donation, ticket purchase and bid
BidPal giving center / event website highlighting social media integration with online auction


Harness the power of your donors’ relationships to further advocate your cause. Coming soon.


Provide your constituents with tools to make your fundraising viral. Coming soon.

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