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Offering a robust yet easy solution for fundraising payments.

SmartPay® Anywhere,  Fundraising Payments.

Collecting fundraising payments is convenient with BidPal’s SmartPay Anywhere platform and is included with all BidPal Fundraising Software and Mobile Bidding packages.


Easily process fundraising payments via a web browser from a laptop, desktop or on the go via a smartphone or tablet.

Fundraising Payments Mobile Device

SmartPay Anywhere Offers:

Pre-register credit cards for auction express check-out
Process donations while on the go
Sell tickets or merchandise at an event
No software installation needed
PCI certified and compliant

“I didn’t think BidPal could get any simpler until we used SmartPay AnywhereTM,” said Andy Witt from Partners for Progress.  “Our volunteers loved how easy and intuitive it was at the event.  As the co-chair, it gave me flexibility to use my iPad and help guests on the fly.”  

Andy Witt
Partners for Progress

SmartPay® Anywhere
Event Registration & Check-Out

Streamlined Check-In

  • Quickly find guests or create new ones
  • Identify guests by last name, company or table group
  • Swipe credit card to create new guest and capture relevant information
  • Enter onsite ticket purchases and instant sales & donations

Easy Registration

  • Built-in visual cues guide volunteers through process
  • Provide event staff easy access to registrant information
  • Capture additional guest and credit card information
  • Communicate table number and seating assignment


  • Instantaneous access to revenue transactions
  • No synchronization or import required
  • Split guest bills and/or easily adjust payments
  • Add tax and/or miscellaneous charges
  • Process payments live onsite
  • Email receipts in a snap

Offering Best in Class Guidance & Insights

BidPal’s fundraising software takes the thousands of data points collected before, during and after your event and converts them into actionable items to help you strengthen your mission.

You're in control of your data! Everything that is stored in BidPal can easily be exported in multiple formats (CSV, PDF, DOC) for additional external analysis.

The BidPal team of more than 250 fundraising professionals and technologists is ready to help you take your fundraising to the next level.

From our Account Managers to our state-of-the art Support to our Onsite Event Staff we have your back.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a robust donor database, which is why BidPal’s fundraising software allows you to effortlessly move data between our software and the leading donor databases.

If you use Salesforce to maintain your records, BidPal Connect our Salesforce App provides you the convenience of moving data back and forth with just a few mouse clicks.

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Join us as we explore powerful messaging and effective marketing for year end appeals.

WEBINAR: Year-End Fundraising Messaging & Marketing Tips

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