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BidPal CEO: New Funding Will Spur Growth

new financing.

INDIANAPOLIS – The chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based BidPal Inc. says the recently-announced $6 million round of funding will allow the company to move into the “next level of growth.” Steve Johns says that level of financing will create great opportunities not only for BidPal employees by the entire community. The company will create approximately 15 jobs as a result of the new funding with about half of them being located in Indianapolis.

Johns says the mobile fundraising platform has moved into scale-up mode since launching in 2007. He says he is impressed with the development of the tech scene in Indy and BidPal has been a big part of that growth.

“We have gone through the pains of being a startup company and now we’re in the process of taking the success through the startup mode and really testing new ground in terms of scalability,” said Johns. “I think that we play an important role in the ecosystem of the Indy tech scene by providing that next level of opportunity for people and also demonstrating that you can move from startup to scale-up successfully in Indy.”

Johns says, with the $6 million round of funding, the company will make investments in building its product and technology base as well as expanding its sales and marketing areas. Plans call for the hiring of new software engineers to continue develop the company’s core products and create new solutions for clients. The company will also be hiring in its sales development, direct sales and service and support areas.

Johns says the growth of Indy’s tech scene has been impressive.

Source: Alex Brown, Inside IN Business

new financing.

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