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School Fundraisers: Save Item Pick-Up for Another Day

It’s the end of your event night, your feet are tired, and none of your volunteers can be found. Then the crowd hits. All of those gracious supporters are ready to go home. They want their winnings, and they want them now. Just when you thought the whirlwind of your school fundraising night was starting to wind down, the new storm of checkout and item pick-up has just begun.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A new trend is gaining momentum with school fundraisers: a night without checkout and item pick-up.

How is this possible? Have your guests pick up their winnings the following week. If you’re using BidPal payment processing, they will have already paid for their items. Post-event pick-up works especially well if the event is held at the school, but it has been known to work even if the event is in a different location.

Below are a few tips we gathered from our school clients who swear by this method:

Designate a pack-up crew and a pack-up time. One of the great things about using BidPal for auction automation is the ability for your guests to continue bidding from anywhere. Pictures are on the devices, so if you want to start the pack-up process before the event is over, guests can continue to bid as you start wrapping up your night. After the first few hours, most guests are at a dinner table, or invested in your program, or mingling with friends. Take that time to pack things up and get them moved. If you are not at the school, chances are you needed some help getting those packages over to the venue. Have the same volunteers assist you with getting them back to the school.

Offer several designated pick-up days. You want to make the pick-up process as simple and convenient as possible. Consider offering pick-up times when parents will already be at the school.

Utilize the school staff. One of our clients in New York City made pick-up a required staff and faculty-run process rather than relying on volunteers. Since they will already be at the school it can be easier than asking volunteers to return.

Post-event item pick-up won’t work for every nonprofit fundraiser, but if your nonprofit is a school or another organization that knows and sees its donors regularly, you might consider this new alternative.

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