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With BidPal Mobile Bidding and event software you have choices. Whether you are looking for a fully staffed event or a Do-It-Yourself solution, our team provides you with options that will exceed your expectations and more importantly…meet your budget.

BidPal Mobile Bidding interface on mobile phone.


Our mobile bidding and auction software simplifies all aspects of your charitable auction and adds an unparalleled level of fun and excitement for your guests.

BidPal mobile bidding is so easy to use that we’ve created a do-it-yourself offering that allows experienced and novice fundraisers alike to run their own events. For those who would like a few extra hands, we offer a full service option that includes onsite event and technical expertise.


How it works


Start early

Create excitement in advance. Publicize your fundraising event, sell tickets online, promote sponsorships and let the bidding begin.


Upon arrival

Registration like you’ve never seen it before. Seamlessly capture guest info, swipe credit cards for express checkout, and log guests in on their cell phones.


During the event

Experience unparalleled competitive bidding, text outbid notifications, raffle ticket purchases, sign-up parties, max bids, donation moments and more.


Close out

Instantaneous checkout, emailed receipts, and robust post-event analytics and reporting results in happy guests, volunteers and staff.

Live Donation Appeal

Build the excitement of your live donation appeal into an avalanche of giving by allowing your guests to contribute using their cell phones. Results are calculated and displayed in real-time, giving your nonprofit unique opportunities to exceed your goals.

Want to try it out?  Text DONATE to BIDPAL to make a mock donation. Don’t worry. Your card won’t be charged.

BidPal is at the forefront of event auction technology, and provides invaluable auction services. Our guests loved having the freedom to enjoy our party while being constantly connected to the auction. We could not be happier with our experience, especially acknowledging that we generously exceeded our auction revenue goal!

– Lori Davidson, Director of Event Management, Steppenwolf Theater Company, Chicago, IL


BidPal’s customizable scoreboards provide your event attendees real-time status updates on current bids, incentivizing them to bid more and make sure they go home a winner.

Using BidPal’s Scoreboard with a live donation appeal provides donor recognition as well as a visual of your fundraising.

SmartPay Registration & Checkout

Seamless integration with our PCI certified and compliant fundraising software.

At Registration

  • Give event staff easy access to registrant information
  • Capture additional guest and credit card information
  • Enter onsite ticket purchases
  • Communicate table number and seating

At Checkout

  • Instantaneous access to revenue transactions
  • No synchronization or import required
  • Split guest bills into multiple payments
  • Add tax and/or miscellaneous charges
  • Offer email or paper receipts
  • Process payments live onsite

BidPal was awesome. Volunteering at a school, you hear a lot of complaints about things, and we have received nothing but positive feedback about BidPal. People felt the auction was elevated to a new professional and adult level, which was my whole plan with BidPal. No mix-ups, no arguments about who won what. It was worth every penny! We are definitely using it again next year.

– Allison Rabin, PTA Secretary, Ross Elementary – DC Public School, Washington, DC

Payment Processing

Our fully integrated, secure payment processing software gives your guests instant invoicing and an easy checkout experience. It’s a breeze to process sales of tickets, auction items, fixed price merchandise, donations, and other fundraising transactions all year.

  • Instantaneous access to revenue transactions
  • No synchronization or import required
  • Split guest bills into multiple payments
  • Add tax and/or miscellaneous charges
  • Offer email or paper receipts
  • Process payments onsite with instant verification

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