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Add more fun and excitement to your event today.

Whether through their own smartphone or a BidPal device, your guests are always connected to your auction. With BidPal Mobile Bidding, guests bid from anywhere at any time during the auction. Outbid alerts, buy now and the ability to set maximum bids are just a few ways that BidPal generates competitive bidding to increase funds raised for your organization. At auction end, guests know immediately which items they’ve won and can instantly check out.

Make your event a seamless experience.

DevicesIf you have ever staffed a traditional silent auction, you are familiar with the issues that make an event less enjoyable and less profitable: blank bid sheets, incorrect bid increments, table hovering, and the scramble to check out, to name just a few. Automating your auction with BidPal eliminates these obstacles and streamlines your event.

At registration, guests connect to the silent auction using their own smartphone or they may use a BidPal device. Guests take the auction with them as they bid, donate, and buy raffle tickets from anywhere.

At BidPal Mobile Bidding events, guests are given uninterrupted access to the silent auction. Add a BidPal Scoreboard® to enhance your auction by displaying real-time auction information such as the Top 5 Auction Items, Items with No Bids and Total Proceeds Raised.  You’ll grab your guests’ attention and promote bidding all night long.  On average, guests bid three times as often as those at a traditional auction. More bidding means more profits for your organization.

At auction end, results are instantaneously tallied and there is no checkout scramble amongst your volunteers.  With the checkout line now obsolete, guests calmly collecting their items to bring home.

Simply put, BidPal is industry leading.

Why?  Because we were the first company to introduce mobile bidding and we are dedicated to constantly improving our technology. Among our competitors, our mobile bidding solution stands out as the most robust and the easiest to use. And for good reason—we’ve been perfecting it since 2008. Every fundraising event is unique. That’s why BidPal offers multiple mobile bidding technology solutions to automate your auction for success. 

Year after year, we are recognized by clients and colleagues for our innovative technology and our keen understanding of nonprofit fundraising. See what our clients have to say about us.

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