2014 Newsletters

Q4 2014 Happy Holidays from BidPal’s new CEO 
Q3 2014 Fall Fundraising 
Q2 2014 BidPal Summer News 
Q1 2014 We’re ready for Spring! Are you?

2013 Newsletters

Q4 2013 Coming Soon: BidPal 10.0
Q3 2013 More Product Enhancements for You!
Q2 2013 Introducing Hybrid
Q1 2013 Spring is Here!

2012 Newsletters

Q4 2012 8.0 Release Coming Soon
Q3 2012 BidPal Now Offers a Cellular Solution
Q2 2012 Bring a Fresh Twist to Your Outdoor Event
Q1 2012 BidPal Introduces Branded Event Websites and Bundled Services

2011 Newsletters

Q4 2011 What a year! And we’re just getting started…
Q3 2011 BidPal Introduces a Full Event Management Solution
Q2 2011 Introducing Credit Card Processing
Q1 2011 New Year, New BidPal!


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