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Team BidPal. Making a Difference.

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Who We Are

We help nonprofits acquire new donors, communicate their messages, engage their donors, and–importantly–retain those donors.


  • Steve Johns
    Steve Johns Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark McCorkle
    Mark McCorkle Interim Chief Technology Officer
  • James Rischar
    James Rischar VP Operations & Customer Support
  • Karrie Wozniak
    Karrie Wozniak VP Marketing
  • Parrish Snyder
    Parrish Snyder VP Sales

We are honored and humbled to support the thousands of clients and causes using BidPal’s technology to raise more money, connect with donors and support their mission. – Steve Johns, CEO

Management Team

Kris Ghosh Johnson, RVP EastKris Ghosh Johnson
RVP West

Emily Newberry, BidPal Area DirectorEmily Newberry
RVP East & National Accounts

Bidpal-58Joe Duca
Director of Support

Bidpal-17Rick Siefert
Director of DevOps

Bidpal-5Dan Gross
Director of Partner Development

Stephen Minto, Director, Event SuccessStephen Minto
Director, Event Success

Joshua Meyer, BidPal Director of MarketingJoshua Meyer
Director of Marketing

Steve Lausch
Director of Product Marketing

Courtney Bader
Director of Product Mgmt

Bidpal-45John Miller
Director of Professional Services

Bidpal-30Terri Summers

Dan GoodeDan Goode
Director of Client Success

Who we’ve helped


Founded in 2007, our passion for helping nonprofits guides us day after day. From day one, our offices have been buzzing with talent. We’re driven by experience and constant innovation.

Team BidPal boasts a culturally diverse combination of personal characteristics and interests.  We share our stories and enrich each other’s lives through teamwork, healthy competition and mutual respect; and we’re always looking for inspiring people to join our team.

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